We're all in this together and particularly at this point in time during the coronavirus pandemic, we're all facing lots of unique situations on so many levels.  Now more than ever we need to go deeper into encouragement and connection as we navigate life.


That's why we're so excited to be releasing our brand new video devotional challenges every few weeks, as we do life together with you! Our challenges vary in duration from 5 to 14 days, and can be used individually, or as a group resource

We have just released our first two challenges:

"Deep Waters - Finding peace and strength during grief & loss" and;

"Winds of Change - Finding shelter of hope in unexpected seasons" 


Watch this space for more relevant topics over the coming weeks!

When you join a challenge, you are given access to great resources. 

Each day includes three videos with:

  • A Devotional

  • Personal Reflection Questions

  • Daily Activations

AND...Daily Bible Readings 


You will also be granted access to an interactive workbook that contains all of the devotionals, reflection questions, activations and bible readings in written form, with space to record your own thoughts and feelings and words from God.

...Let's get started!



Loss affects us from many different angles, it might be the loss of a loved one, the loss of our health, financial security or the loss of a relationship.


The grief we experience can leave us feeling devastated, weak and hopeless.

The Deep Waters 5 day Devotional Challenge uses real life examples and biblical encouragement to help you find peace and strength through grief and loss.


This devotional challenge includes written material, with video options, as well as personal reflection questions, daily activations and extra bible texts for deeper reading.

Most of us naturally struggle with change, whether it's fear of the unknown or adjusting to a new kind of normal.


This is especially true when that change takes us by surprise or hands us an outcome different to what we hoped for. 'Winds of Change' is a 5-day devotional challenge designed to help you find the shelter of hope in unexpected seasons.


Each day contains a video, with reflection questions, activations and bible readings.



 Partner with us to impact lives.

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to face life's challenges and emerge stronger. 

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