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Every Heart's Cry Course -For Groups

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Many people are struggling with a deep sense of loneliness and disconnection. Whether it be the present circumstances we find ourselves in, painful past experiences or in relationships with others, one thing is for're not alone. Whether you're dealing with covid fatigue, loneliness, anxiety, depression, abuse, addiction, grief, guilt, shame or bitterness, the same core issue emerges: Every heart's cry is to be seen and heard, to connect, to love and be loved unconditionally. In this course we'll cover: • How and why we disconnect, and why it's so toxic • Why we're wired to connect and how to reconnect after we've been hurt • What forgiveness is and isn't and how to resolve bitterness • Why choosing to love and be loved is so critical • What it means to become whole-hearted • How to identify and smash to the lies of the enemy As a Group Leader, You'll have instant access to: • Usage rights for Groups of up to 25 people (Excluding the Leader) • 8 video sessions • Every Heart's Cry ebook -New Study edition • Leader's Guide interactive ebook • Group Participant interactive workbook loaded with extras AND Three complimentary worksheets for your group! -Let's get started!

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