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A six-month journey for a tribe of women,

who are compelled to explore their God-given calling,

activate their passion and fulfill their purpose.



What is Brave Enough Tribal? …and who is it for?

Brave Enough Tribal is six-month Mentor-Coaching program developed by Danni Synot at Brave Enough for those who feel compelled to explore their God idea, big dream or calling. 


Brave Enough Tribal is a space where you will have access to experts, mentors and collaborators, with regular opportunities to glean wisdom, explore yourself and bring your God dream to life. You will harness your story and God-given passion for the good of others, and be equipped with strategies to move forward holistically into your passion to purpose journey.


And the best part is, you will belong to a tribe of supportive humans, so you always have support and encouragement around you. 


You feel your story can help others, you have an idea for a Ministry, a book, or podcast? A parachurch ministry? A store, creative or ministry initiative, or some other unique idea… then Brave Enough Tribal might just be for you!


What does the program and time commitment look like?

We are concious that life is busy, so we have kept the program at a relaxed pace.

The Brave Enough Tribal program runs for 6 months from March 1st 2023  to September 3rd 2023.


There will be two, one-hour live online group sessions per month:

The first session is facilitated by an expert collaborator, up close and including a Q&A. This will be on the first Saturday of the month at 9:30am AEST.

The second, is a one-hour live online connect group session, where you can glean wisdom and support and bounce ideas with one another, and form meaningful relationships

This will be on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm AEST. 


For participants joining us from other parts of the world, we will host your connect group session according to your time zone, in consultation with you and others in your timezone.


Every second month, you will have a one-hour, individual mentor-coaching session, where you and your coach will strategise to help bring God idea to life and connect you with the support you need to make it happen.


The program concludes with a compulsory weekend Tribal Gathering retreat in September in Geelong, Victoria, where the Tribal all gather together in person. Jam-packed with special guest speakers, music & worship and guest business collaborator soiree, and of course, your graduation ceremony!

All meals and accommodation are included from Friday night supper to Sunday morning tea.

What happens if I miss a session, due to unforseen circumstances?

No stress! All sessions, apart from the retreat will be recorded and posted later in the online community, so that don't miss out and stay caught up.

What kind of specialties do the experts, coaches, collaborators and speakers have?

Brave Enough Tribal have a pool of specialties internationally, from Pastors, worship pastors, coaches, and counsellors, to television, radio, and podcasting personalities, best-selling authors, and American broadway stars. Marketing professionals and not-for-profit and para-church ministry pioneers among many others. Some may be quite well-known to you…but we can’t give it all away. There may be a few surprises!


Will there be assignments or homework to complete?

We trust that if you are investing in the program and your God-dream, you will invest your time in whichever resources, reading, and learning activities you need. 


We will constantly provide you with opportunities for exercises, reflections, strategy tools, and worksheets, and plenty of recommended resources, books, videos, and courses, but you will not fail if you choose not to engage or participate. 


What you choose to do is your own responsibility. At the same time, we don’t want you to rob yourself and miss out on some incredible self-development and knowledge, and ideas. So we hope you do.


How do we communicate and access resources? Is there a platform?

Yes. All communications and Tribal resources, events, meetings, and calendars will be hosted on our private community platform. You will have your own private log-in for the duration of the program.


Zoom calls will also be recorded, so you can refer back to them to later, or use them as catch-up if you happen to miss a session. 


How many people will take part? Will I just be a number?

Not at all, and we have purposefully capped numbers in order for you to maintain maximum engagement. You will also have a small group and one-to-one coaching opportunities to ensure a close-knit experience to be seen and heard. 


What denomination is Brave Enough? 

We are non-denominational (We just love Jesus)


Will there be ongoing support after the end of the program?

Yes! One-to-one Mentor-Coaching will be available at a special alumni rate if you choose to and you will also have everlasting access to our Facebook community so that you can stay connected with the rest of your tribe! 

Some participants may even go on to become future coaches, collaborators, or group facilitators.

Is travel included in the cost of the retreat?

Travel costs are not included in the cost of the retreat, as we may have people attending from interstate and overseas, but meals and accommodation are!

Please let us know if we can help with transportation arrangements from trains and airports. We do have some volunteers who are willing to do pick-ups and drop-offs at certain times.

How much does it cost? Are payment plans available?

As Brave Enough is a registered charity, we have been very careful to make this program as value-packed and affordable as humanly possible. 


The whole live, online six-month program, with access to the experts, connection sessions, one-to-one coaching sessions, strategy toolbox materials, online community platform, strategy toolbox materials, and recommended resources, PLUS the option of including the Tribal retreat weekend, which includes: speakers, meals, accommodation, music & worship and the business collaborator soiree.


 Full, six-month online interactive program, a live, online interactive program experience with

6x up close with verbal interactions with expert collaborators in sessions, tribal 6x connect group sessions,

3x one-to-one coaching sessions

Resource toolbox

Unique online platform log in


$760 AUD 

Payment Plan options:

$127 per month or $30 per week AUD

for six months.

(For USA: current dollar conversion: $527 or $81 per month or $21 USD per week for six months)


 Full six-month live, online interactive program experience


 The Tribal Retreat Sessions & Business Soiree Pass

All meals & snacks (excluding breakfast)



Payment Plan options:

$182 per month or $42 per week

for six months.


(For USA: Current dollar conversion: $1090 or $147 per month or $43 USD per week for six months)



Full six-month live, online interactive program experience

 The Tribal Retreat Sessions & Business Soiree Pass

All meals & snacks


2 nights of accommodation, including breakfast

All meals & snacks


Payment Plan options:

$265 per month or $62 per week

for six months.

(For USA: Current dollar conversion: $1105 or $185 per month or $43 USD per week for six months)

Are there sponsorships or scholarships available?

If Brave Enough Tribal sounds like something that would be beneficial for you, we are excited to help you in the process of investing in your growth and spiritual development as you minister to others.

Many organisations and churches have special budgets for staff or volunteers to attend conferences and for equipping and professional development to sharpen their skills and knowledge. Alternatively, your church, organisation, or another generous individual may choose to sponsor you or subsidise you to attend.

These conversations and requests would need to be between you and them directly, but we are more than happy to provide information or answer any questions that they may have in relation to the program, and while don’t offer sponsorships directly, we have developed a sponsorship template that you can download and personalise for that purpose here:


As you approach your church leadership team, organisation, or other people who are interested in championing you. We encourage you to pray as you share this opportunity to ask boldly.


Is there an application process? How do I apply?

To ensure an up close and personal experience with experts and coaches, places have been deliberately limited. 


There is a simple but necessary application process, so we advise you to be quick, it’s first in best dressed for approved applicants.

You can view the application and apply online at:

BEFORE you apply for Brave Enough Tribal you will need to :

1. Obtain a letter of recommendation for the program from a referee who is a non-family member, stating why you would benefit from our program. Download and print the template here:

Upload the completed reference it as a document file or photo to the application form.

2. Write or record a short testimony to share with us about the calling or God-given idea that you would like to explore during the program.


A) Record a 2-5 minute video testimony to share with us about the calling or God-given idea that you would like to explore. Once recorded, paste the link of the video you have uploaded into the space provided in your application.

(You may choose to use platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, google drive or dropbox)


B) Write a testimony (approx 500 words) sharing with us about the calling or God-given idea that you would like to explore, and upload it in the space provided in the online application form. 


3. Fill in the application form and upload your letter of recommendation 


Once we have received your application, we will email you with a link to confirm your application with a $50 non-refundable deposit.


We will then review and approve your application, and will email you a link to confirm your application and secure your place with payment for the program, either in full or via a payment plan. We will then send you your welcome pack!


When will I know if I am accepted into the program?

Once you have submitted your application you can expect to hear back from us via email as soon as possible. Most applications are currently taking 1 to 3 days to process.

Your place in the program is secured, once your payment option is processed.


Still can’t find what you were looking for?  

Please send us an email at

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