Are you ready to help us change the world by hosting a fundraiser for Brave Enough? 


By hosting a fundraiser, you'll be helping us fund our much-needed outreach projects and media resources.

Whether it’s a fun girls night in, a sports day with the fellas or a larger event or concert in your local community – you can have a huge impact. Every dollar adds up when we work together.

To help you get started we've put together some inspiration for your event and we'll send you a FREE host kit full of ideas and tips.

(And some COVID safe guidelines as per any current government requirements.)


You can pick an event from the list below, or feel free to get creative with an idea of your own and let us know when you register!





Dinner party

If you have a signature dish, you could invite your friends around and cook up a storm, or alternatively arrange a pot-luck dinner and ask your friends to bring a plate.



Keep it chilled and simple in summer with a BBQ. Whether it’s snags and burgers or grill and gourmet, or seared seafood, invite your friends and relax.


Fancy dress party

This easy idea only requires you to decide on a theme and find a costume!


Movie night

Choose an all-time classic, invite your friends around for the cost of a movie ticket, and enjoy the show! Some hosts have even used a projector and had a movie night in their backyard.


Clothes swap/sale

Make a difference and be sustainable with this great idea. You could set up some trestle tables and turn your living room into a swap-meet – or have fun with an auction. What a great way to update and declutter your wardrobe. 


Art and craft night

The options are endless with an art and craft night …Painting, sculpting or jewellery making are just a few ideas….find some tutorials online for more ideas and create!


Pamper party

Do you or a friend have a talent for doing makeovers, massage or manicures? Do you have some face masks at home you’d like to use? Maybe get the girls around and pamper yourselves!


Fitness class, sports day or walk

Whether it’s a game of cricket, footy or basketball, or a Pilates or aerobics class  maybe even a walk? Clear out a space in your home, organize a walk or get your local fitness studio to donate a class towards Brave Enough.


Games night

Set up a few games around the living room and invite the girls around for a games night! Think about how you can charge for their participation to boost your fundraising.


Trivia night

A night of Trivia will keep your guests entertained all night – you could even make it themed if you’d like.  You can even host in a larger venue.


Larger events

If you want to organize something bigger, we’d love to hear about it. We’re here to help!