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Powerful isn't it! ...and the potential for Lighthouse Road to impact the world with hope is phenomenal because we already have a production crew and major television network on board in principle!


The Lighthouse Road series will be aired globally on various platforms, devices and media networks whenever they need it, including on Foxtel, ACCTV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Google Play & Fetch among others, but that's only the beginning.


Through the Brave Enough website, viewers will be able to access the Lighthouse Road ecourse along with being connected to all of our resources and support networks, as well as access to special events and gatherings to connect in person.  


Do you want to be a part of it?


We are currently seeking donors and corporate sponsors to make Lighthouse Road a reality.

For more information, or to discuss partnering with Brave Enough please contact us, donor and sponsorship packages are available and we'd love to chat with you!



There are 3 million people in Australia living with anxiety & depression, and every year 63,500 Australians attempt to take their own lives. We could list a thousand ways people are struggling, but the fact is that these statistics are not just cold hard numbers, they are human beings -our siblings, parents, children and friends...maybe even ourselves.


Everybody has a story.


Everybody needs hope.


When we are brave enough to share ourselves authentically with others, there is a common bond of understanding of one another’s journey and life struggles. Whether our stories are closely related or a little different, we relate with the reality of struggle on some level. We connect and bond as we empathise with one another. We feel safer to be understood and not judged. 

It's then that we realise that we’re not alone because we’ve seen true stories of others who have struggled, survived and flourished. We gain so much strength and hope for the journey. It increases the quality and depth of our relationships, and gives amazing substance to our faith, as we hear living proof of the powerful love of God to transform lives. 

It leaves us with a conclusion of undeniable truth and profound understanding that "If God can do that for them, then there is hope for me!”.

You see, people are inspired by our victories but they connect with our weaknesses.

So at Brave Enough that’s exactly what we’re going to do -meet people where they’re at, get messy and do life with them. 


That's what Lighhouse Road is all about...being real and doing life together.





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