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There are vast numbers of people who in a crowd, in their marriages, and in our churches dealing with loneliness and disconnection. We wear masks to hide the pain, not realizing that God is calling us to do just the opposite: to be vulnerable and stay connected to Him and to one another.

Whether you're dealing with a sense of loneliness, low self-worth, broken relationships, abuse or addiction, grief, guilt, shame or bitterness, the same core issue emerges: every heart's cry is to be seen and heard, to connect, love and be loved unconditionally.

In this book you'll discover:

  • The source of Every Heart's Cry
  • The Deeper issue and spiritual battle going on around us, where it all began, how it will be overcome.
  • How and why we disconnect, and why it's so toxic
  • What forgiveness is and isn't
  • How  to resolve bitterness and find forgiveness
  • Why choosing to love and be loved is so critical
  • What it means to become whole-hearted
  • How to identify and put an end to the lies of the enemy
  • Why we're wired to connect and how to reconnect after we've been hurt
  • The blessing of true friendship

In the pages of this book may you find the answer to the cry of your heart and one of the greatest blessings of this life, a path that leads to the healing of your deepest pain and a closer emotional connection with the heart of God and the hearts of those around you.

Every Heart's Cry -New Study Edition -ebook

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