Are you ready to change the world by joining
the Brave Enough Tribe as a volunteer?

  • Do you have flexibility to volunteer and make a difference?
  • Do you have access to the internet on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device
  • Do you have a passion to help people facing challenging times?

To get involved, simply apply and we’ll be in touch. Brave Enough has a close, friendly team of volunteers.  Know that playing your part as a volunteer, will mean
that you will make a life-changing difference in helping others to emerge stronger.

About volunteering with us…

We’re all about being real and doing life together to help the next person up when
they need it most. Brave Enough volunteers believe in collaboration and teamwork.

We appreciate every one of our volunteers no matter where they are called to help.
Some people choose to be regular volunteers, others help out on an as-needed
basis for events when they pop up.

We operate in all states and territories and currently have a basic office and studio
space donated to us (we don’t spend donations on rental overheads – that money
is needed to provide resources for people in need).

This means that many volunteers work from home. This gives more flexibility to our
team of dedicated volunteers across Australia.

We use a social media platform to coordinate our collections and communicate with
everyone. If you know how to work Facebook then you will find it super simple to
make contact with other local volunteers, the volunteers in your state and key
volunteers nationally. Our staff will be happy to help you get started, and help you
with any questions that come up along the way.
The success of Brave Enough relies heavily on collaboration, team work and those
who are willing to put their hand up to get the job done.

As we continue to rapidly grow and the demand for our services remains strong, we
are on the search for like-minded and passionate volunteers to support us in
achieving our mission.


Current volunteer vacancies…

Volunteers keep us going behind the scenes – from graphic design to
video editing to helping at outreach events and fundraising activities, to
helping us apply for grants, we’re always looking for more people to help
us as we grow.
Our volunteers are the public face of Brave Enough. There are plenty of
opportunities internally to put your hand up to play your part.
Here are some of the vacancies we are accepting applications for today.
Brave Enough Careline
Brave Enough Careline works in partnership with the Careline Connections Volunteers Crisis & Prayer support line. The careline receives over 30,000 calls per year Australia-wide from people wanting to have a confidential chat and to receive prayer about something that they are facing in life.
Careline Volunteers are trained to listen and pray with callers. Support is provided to those in crisis or anyone needing a caring conversation or prayer. 
Volunteers are also trained to make necessary referrals to qualified counsellors and specialist services across Australia. They can also provide helpful resource material for various life topics and challenges. All training is provided free of charge. 
Once trained, volunteers can work from home anywhere in Australia, providing they have a solid internet connection with a minimum download speed of 10mbps.
Would you like to be part of this amazing ministry?  





Outreach & Fundraising Events

Our outreaches and fundraising activities are event-based, therefore the hours vary
from month to month. 
Some of our events include our annual Brave Enough Conference, which is likely
expanding interstate, our annual Trivia Night Fundraiser and Gala Dinners.

Other events may include Speaking Engagements, High Teas, Market Stalls,
Fundraising Drives (such as food or merchandise) Sausage Sizzles, Walks etc.

For these events we often need volunteers to fulfil the roles of prayer warriors, set
up and pack up teams, decorators, musicians and vocalists, hospitality, baristas
and kitchen staff, sales and registration table, video production and post-production
editors, and ushers.


Chartered Practising Accountant


We are seeking a Chartered Practicing Accountant willing to volunteer their time to
our charity. Ideally, this person would be based in the Geelong region, be fluent with
Xero, and have knowledge and experience working with Christian charities.

Prayer Warriors


Do you have a heart and gift for prayer? Brave Enough need dedicated prayer warriors to pray for prayer requests that come forward, as well as the ministry of Brave Enough. At times, we also need some of our prayer warriors to be part of our Care Team to pray for people at our live events and conferences.


Video production, Sound and Lighting,
Post-production Editing, Photography, Hair and


Do you have skills and experience in video production, sound and lighting, and/or
postproduction editing, photography, hair and makeup?

These skills are vital for us when filming and producing our outreach media.
Opportunities may arise when filming in various locations around Australia.



Graphic Design, Marketing

& Social Media Managers

Are you a graphic designer with experience designing t-shirts, advertising campaign
graphics and social posters? Or perhaps you have experience in Marketing or social media management and creating social media marketing campaigns and branding?
If so, we would love to hear from you and have you join our team of specialists to help us achieve our goal of producing resources to help people be brave enough to face
their challenges and emerge stronger.
This is our call out for amazing graphic designers, marketers and social media managers across Australia who are willing to donate
their time and expertise. This role will take between 3-5 hours a week and is done
remotely so you can work at home.



Gift & Resource Production

Are you a hands-on type of volunteer with artistic skills and an eye for detail and
identifying current trends? Are you able to research and source products?
We need volunteers to take care of our inspirational merchandise resources, which also
includes producing t-shirts, necklaces, bracelets, mugs and more. All of the funds
from the sale of these items go back into funding our help resources and changing

Blog Writers

Blog Writers

Are you a gifted writer who is willing to draw on personal experiences and stories, 
with a spiritual application? Can you write creatively from the heart in a real and raw way with authenticity?

We are calling for blog posts on various wellbeing topics to be featured on our Little Blog of Brave.
Some of these topics include: Nutrition, Health & Fitness, Christian Life, Mental & Emotional Health & Wellbeing, Manhood, Womanhood, Relationships, Marriage & Family, Financial health, and much more.

Grant Writers – Victoria

 Do you have experience writing grants and consequently you are knowledgeable
about state-specific grants opportunities? If so, we would love to hear from you and
have you join our team of specialists to help us achieve our goal of producing
resources to help people be brave enough to face their challenges and emerge
stronger. This is our call out for amazing grant writers across Australia who are
willing to donate their time and expertise.  This role will take between 3-5 hours a
week and is done remotely so you can work at home.



Hours available
Do you volunteer with any other organisations?
Do you have a valid check in your current state of residence?
In which areas would you like to serve as a volunteer?

Volunteer Agreement


The information I have provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that I am applying for a volunteer position and therefore agreeing to use my time, skill and expertise on a volunteer basis, without compensation of any kind (monetary or otherwise).


Upon acceptance of my application, a volunteer relationship in no way constitutes a relationship of employment, partnership, principal or contractor with Brave Enough. I agree to Brave Enough collecting, using, storing and disclosing my personal and sensitive information for the purpose of facilitating and managing my volunteer relationship in accordance with Australian privacy laws. I understand that all volunteers are bound by the policies and procedures of Brave Enough. I also understand that to fulfil certain volunteer roles, I may be required to obtain a police check and/or working with children check before volunteering at Brave Enough. I may also be asked for proof of membership or qualification where appropriate and I understand that the above-mentioned checks will be obtained at my own expense.

When udertaking volunter duties, representing Brave Enough publicly as a volunteer and when engaging with public and Brave Enough's social media, email and other digital platforms, I agree to respect and uphold the mission, beliefs, values of Brave Enough, and it's staff, stakeholders and other volunteers.


 Partner with us to impact lives.

Together, we can empower more people to be brave enough

to face life's challenges and emerge stronger. 

Help us to continue providing our vital resources to those in need.



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